A. There are simple step-by-step instructions located in the Instructions tab and you can watch our instructional video. Also, your local Plasma Air Representative can help. Your Rep can be found here. Lastly, you can email us at PlasmaSoft@plasma-air.com or call us at (203) 662-0800.
A. You will need the following information for each zone: 1. Whether the system is CV or VAV and how the OA is delivered. Please note that equations 5 -8 are most often used. We rarely see 1-4 used. 2. What type of space, i.e. classroom, office, gymnasium, etc 3. Area (Sq. Ft.) 4. Supply Air (CFM) into the Space 5. Number of people - If exact number of people in not known, the software will automatically put the ASHRAE maximum occupancy for the room type based on square footage. 6. Ez (Zone Air Distribution Effectiveness), typically 1.0 or 0.8.
A. The people in each zone determine the Contaminant Generation Rate and the Outside Air Rate per Person. If the zone is unoccupied, these values will be zero. There needs to be at least one (1) person per zone.
A. The equations come from Appendix D of ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2013 Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality.
A. The zone types are taken from the ASHRAE occupancy categories in 62.1. If the zone type you are looking for is not listed, use the zone type that is most similar.
A. There are eight equations to choose from for eight different scenarios. It is rare to see the use of equation 1 through 4 because today's systems filter both the return and outside air. Equations 5 through 8 are typically used with 5 and 7 being used most often.
A. Ez is defined by ASHRAE as the Zone Air Distribution Effectiveness. This takes into account how the air is entering the space. Don't confuse this with Ev. All of the Ez values are defined in the pull down menu.
A. 1. Increase the supply air - By increasing the supply air you increase the amount of air circulating in the system improving the system's effectiveness. 2. Increase the IAQ Procedure’s Outside Air Rate per Person by manually overriding the value. This will increase the dilution effect. 3. Reduce the number of people in the zone. Make sure the number of people in the zone is accurate. Many times this number is overestimated.
A. It is determined by the following algorithm: If VRP OA/person =>15, then IAQP OA/person = (VRP OA/person)/3 If VRP OA/person >10 and <15, then IAQP OA /person =5 If VRP OA /person <10, then IAQP OA/person = (VRP OA/person)/2 These values are just suggestions. You can manually override the OA/person for the IAQP, but if you go below the suggested values, a warning message will appear. Remember that when reducing the OA for a building, you must be mindful of the building's pressurization.
A. Once the PDF’s are created, you can access them by clicking on “View PDF” in the Manage Zones page or at the bottom of the Calculator page. You can now save it to your computer.
A. The username and password you created is your personal account. The only people who can gain access is your Plasma Air Representative and Plasma Air's Master Admin who are here to help you. We will only access your account if requested. If you want someone else in your office to have access, you will need to give them your username and password to login to your account. Remember, you can email copies of the PDFs to anyone you wish.
A. No. Even though Zones and Projects are quick enough to recreate, please be careful when deleting them.